Vince White - Lead Guitar, vocals
Vince became acutely aware of his destiny in the early ‘90s, when, as an underage starstruck guitarist, he snuck into a blues club to jam with Tommy Castro. With chiseled jaw and long locks, frontman Vince grew into the rock mystic role on a long history of dates in major clubs and venues like the Oakland Blues Festival in the Bay Area, and L.A.’s best like the House of Blues and The Key Club. An arresting lyricist, Vince has co-written songs that have found their way into TV shows and contests and onto the stage with greats like Kenny Ray (who recorded with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Marcia Ball,) Steve Freund (former Koko Taylor guitarist), Freddie Roulette (pedal steel legend) Jackson Brown, Keb Mo, Shari Puorto, Samuel Markus, Janiva Magness and many others. Vince hails from the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Paul J. Van Duine - Guitar
New Jersey roots and a penchant for performing drew out the gritty and complex dynamic necessary for Idle Hands creator, Paul Van Duine to turn a fledgling musical vision into a tightly woven storehouse of talent. He retired his air guitar at eight for one that played back his riffs and progressions. In his past are a string of garage bands and sidelined ambitions, replaced by his indie production company, Stingray Entertainment Co., and the formation of Idle Hands in 2002. He’s the kind of guitarist who can summon thunder, but whose rhythm layers in a seamless, sneaking backbone that can mug you in broad daylight. He co-writes much of Idle Hands’ original music, and licenses and produces through Stingray.

    Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz - Drums
Jon Schwartz is a pro’s pro and familiar face on L.A.’s music scene, drumming with economy and authority, just the right touch for Idle Hands' music. Jon is perhaps best known as the perennial drummer with master parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic, who dubbed him Bermuda in 1981. Originally from Chicago, Jon picked up sticks when he received a hand-me-down drum set from his older brother. He started lessons at age 9 and did his first recording session a few years later with studio guitarist Al Casey. His first band won the 1974 L.A. County Battle of the Bands at the Hollywood Bowl, and he's played with several notable L.A. artists since. On playing with Idle Hands, Jon says he enjoys the musicianship, music, and especially the comraderie in the band.